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The firm of Guilor Architects was founded in Great Neck, New York, in the Spring of 1987. The completed project, an event of great accomplishment for Guilor Architects, is the result of the collaboration of all involved parties. This includes not only Guilor professionals, but highly qualified consultants, along with clients whose active cooperation throughout the entire process contributes to a positive end result. 

With a closely knit team, the design process becomes an exchange of ideas, enabling a smooth progression of design from the basic understandings to the detailed end result. Phases of design are summarized with the presentation of alternate solutions and a discussion of their ramifications. This dialogue allows for a timely refinement and fine-tuning of program requirements with the subsequent approval of each phase of development. 

The end result of this approach is a reduced need for costly revisions and redesigns, and the greater likelihood of meeting time and budget goals. 

Our team believes that a balance in design between order, economic and aesthetic forces is the basis for a successful building: Innovative design coupled with proper details, engineered to maximize economic efficiency while maintaining the design intent, yields a product pleasing to all. We enthusiastically seek and look forward to our next challenge. 


Edna Guilor - Founder & CEO

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